valley view
Valley View Resorts is yet another initiative for comfortable living, located in the serene valleys of Murree.
Discover the inspired beauty of nature space, Murree! where noise stops and sounds begins Paradise on Earth. Where nature is seen unblemished and in its natural beauty. Natural shelter that restore your spirit with woods and trails. Luxuriant green valleys that preserve wildlife. Mountain chains, sweet waterfalls and sparkling springs. Murree is a summer resort, a traditional hill station. Located in the foot hills of Himalayas. Murree offers a warm and unique atmosphere. Comfortable drive on smooth and twisted roads. Covered with pine and deodar trees. It takes an hour to enter the valley from Islamabad where dreams of a comfort living is envisioned. Where laughter is a familiar sound. 
There is a place in Murree, where family values and real estate values, actually synchronize just a few meters from the city centre.  
On the smooth and private Lawrence College Road right at the only spot where the valley is a bewitching scene.
Project Details
Location Ihata Noor Khan Lawrence College Road Murree
Type Semi Attached Holiday Bungalows & Plots
Covered area 21 kanals
No. of Units 21 Bungalows - 7 Plots
Status Now booking - Under construction
M2 Project Gallery
M2 Floor Plans
M2 Location

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